No Masks!

No Masks!

In a pandemic you have no masks, and some health experts are telling you masks will do no good.  Nothing can prevent contraction of the virus.   They also tell you to not go to rural areas to wait out the virus.  Also no quarantine will work.

What is that about?  IT is about WHO desiring everyone getting exposed.  They want the elderly to die.  There is a concentration of cases in nursing homes, because some group is intentionally exposing them.  Nonetheless, the number of death is not other than normal.  the hospitals are in fact uncrowded, the waiting areas are empty because most people think there are lots of people clamoring to get tested and they do not want the exposure without a mask —- BUT  there is no one there.  There are many, many accts of people saying their relatives did not die from COVID-19 although they have been counted that way.

When you realize this, you will be frightened, and uncertain.  There is confusion, there are hidden identities, doctors contradict one another.  You know- what you need is more than the CDC to tell you what to do, and to control scary health situations.  You are supposed to give up control to the UN, and people from DAVOS- who are connected with the companies that benefit from a pandemic.  That we should never let happen.

The media and the heath care industry are behind hyping this hoax.  WHO probably wants to kill off our elderly. The media savaged My Pillow Mike Littrell, as a rube who shouldn’t be at the White House, as if they controlled and stipulated who should get close to P. Trump.

We are still waiting for our drug prices to adjust to that of Mexico and Canada.  the State of Utah is paying people to go to Mexico and obtain their drugs(costs that amt to $50K/year for MS) .  They pay airfare for two and give them cash for going.  Why don’t other states do this?  Anyone can do this as an individual as well.  The only caveat is that you must use the drugs personally, and that you are limited to a 3mo supply. Two weeks ago my pharmacist told me without insurance I have to pay 60.00 for a prescription out of pocket- the rate of the nongeneric equivalent.  This was supposedly stopped earlier – not telling people about the existence of a generic — but it is still continuing.  I got the drug as a generic for $4.  With insurance people often do not ask if they got the generic and their insurance pays the full price of the label drug.


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