Our Myra Breckenridge Governmental System

Our Myra Breckenridge Governmental System

Can you see K Street or the National Treasury from where you live? It is the place where all our money goes. We have no free press to tell us what is going on. That is gone. Instead we have a circus show that is presented to us in a fishbowl. We know the fishbowl is a portrayal, and the contrast between what you see and what is can be indeed shocking- just like Myra.

It was shocking even before our press lost its independence. Recall Mena Arkansas, and the established gun supply to the Contras? On every aircraft gun run (guns actually supplied instead to drug cartels), they returned with a large shipment of cocaine. The Democrats were implicated. IT was Bill Clinton’s watch and he was trying to ply his usual sax move with angel white on the side. Just imagine how our government is operating now. Who is investigating the Clinton Foundation, for example? Who is keeping track of the dispersal of all those foreign children? And who says there is anything wrong with thousands of classified emails possibly made available to the general public directly from Hillary’s SCIF?

After the confetti has fallen, the balloons are gathered up, and the tally board put away for another year, who have we elected? Soberly, we might realize these jokers do not even care about the country or recognize its legitimacy. Do they think they are members of a syndicate? of the Mafia? Are they going to continue to divest the nation’s wealth for personal bribes? Do they have contempt for the public? For the legal system? Perhaps we can tell from what they do not discuss. Biden for example does not discuss anything – just poses, smiles, and is a feely bunny.

Who will ask the hard questions of these posers? Not the media. The system is closed, and all you see is the fishbowl. Presentations are fed to NYC from DC. NYC projects the items they care about- lots about the Middle East for example – and we get political banter that indicates the government is governing. We never see a bribe, a solicitation for a job, no analyses of families and a candidate’s conflicts. It is hard to find out how Ukrainians are living, or what the Chinese are doing in China and Africa, or what is happening in Kansas unless it is at a Synogogue. There are no independent inquiries.

In this state our country is sliding away as we are fed happy images. Hooray, our side has won! Woo hoo! Did you see that Netflix movie? The stock market is reaching the moon. Everything is free. Ignore what is going on and avoid stress because all that doesn’t matter. If anything impinges on you it is only because they want a campaign contribution. It is ill-mannered to discuss politics.

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  1. Truther

    Without investigative journalism we are trapped only to discuss the fishbowl presentations. Did you ever only have what you watched on TV to talk about? The only investigative elements that exist are from Breitbart and spot reports by people posting content to the net.

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