P Trump and Immigration

P Trump and Immigration

P Ttrump has lways been a little skiddish on immigration.  The Wall was going to be built, and if you bothered to check it was no actually built  now this seemed like a sensible policy to use until it was actually built, but also it was possible for the Latinos and anyone else to come in.  They knew about the lack of a wall.  IT was just us- the American People- who did not know.   There were strange statements about DACA entrants that did not jive with his stated policy.

WE are now in a fake Corona virus situation that has been used to lock our entire society down.  We know why: Chinese migrants.  They have let on to a few million.   Zuckerberg laughed when he believed there might be 10 million that they got in.   Ten million.  Could that explain LA, Seattle, New York City, Milwaukee, Chicago, New Orleans, and Atlanta?

One might consider that globally we are talking more than that.  There is Iran, Italy, Spain, the UK, and the US.  Altogether maybe 40 million?  There was once talk of placing 50K Chinese in 20 US cities by Obama.  The idea was rejected– it was like an occupation.  10M is 500K in 20 cities, ten times the amt previously considered under Obama.  TEn million is a lot of people.  New York City in 2017 was 8M people.  And there was the elimination of Kim Jung Un.  This smells of a deal.

How many people are there from Hong Kong and Mainland China?  Hard to say, but 40M is a drop in the bucket.  That will not affect the trade imbalance.  There will be no assimilation.  These migrants are a Pyrric victory- like solving the problem of a thief by having him live with you.  These numbers are approx. the same as the number of births in China each year.  What of next year?  More lockdown?  Maybe for several years, or even continuously?  Capital improvements were said by Stiglitz, to bring population in China under control.  Apparently that failed.  If they keep coming no doubt there will be sick Chinese that arrive.  They get sick all the time, and gee Bill would say, we are unprepared for that.  He has been signaling to them to carry out the purge.  This is a misguided attempt to redistribute population, and what it does is create hardship, and destruction to your economy.  The population problems are never relieved. and are redistributed elsewhere.  Gates I believe wants these lockdowns and purges to continue and to spread to other places like India and Africa.

As they continue to pile in while we are in lockdown, will they bring their meat bazaars with them?  Could there be many more than 10M?  How many months or years will it take for them to get here?  You can pull the wool over our eyes sometime, but you cannot expect people who accept lockdown to do much but act like they are blind can you?  the LAtinos will probably leave — so many Chinese — and I would guess they will also take control over Latin America.  Looks like other Chinese cities are being locked down as I type.  Like Krakatoa, they’ll be spewing outta there soon.  Anyone doing anything about the purge?  Is China using people like bombs?  Lets see, “How many cargo flights into the US this morning from China?”  Tora Tora Tora!!!  They control our food supply in part, and Kushner has assisted wealthy Chinese investors to come to the US using the EB-5 system.  They were placed here just earlier than the first wave.

After they lift the lockdown, it is nice to know, of the jobs being offered, at that time US citizens can first apply for those offerings.

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