Physical Boundaries: Biden Presidency

Physical Boundaries: Biden Presidency

What are we to make of Biden’s nosing around on people? Smelling hair. Hands on their shoulders and other places. Doing this with people’s wives, and their children right on camera. Biden’s wife says it is just the way he is. Well, what way is he?

We believe Biden is acting out of conviction, and that it is not a compulsion. IT is not early onset Alzheimer’s- some kind of a smell fixation- although that is possible. Well what exactly is his conviction, the conviction almost no one else has but him? He simply does not recognize other people’s space. Hands on your children: no problem for Joe. He goes wherever his curiosity takes him, wherever the spirit moves him. When he took off his clothes at the Naval Observatory in front of his SS detail, he was putting it all out there. Welcome to my world! He is like a man possessed, or hypnotized. WE are all one. I am you, you are me.

Could we have this whole thing wrong? Apartments? Personal dwellings? Opaque walls? The Clothing idea? I once had this idea with my girlfriend. We would go without clothes in private- ala naturale, like Adam and Eve. We did this only once, and without talking about it, never repeated it. What was wrong with us?

What is wrong with Biden?

The little girl felt put upon, her space invaded. She showed annoyance, and eventually a bit of disgust. Obviously she was not Italian. I am sure no one lectured the little girl about personal space. Her reaction was just natural. This guy is getting under my skin! She decided to try and avoid problems by freezing, acting like he was not really there, and MAYBE, he would just go away. If a bear came toward you, you might act like the little girl. She could have looked right at him and screamed. What a hoot that would have been! In many of these cases the reactions are similar. There is little acceptance of Biden intruding into the space of others without consent. Perhaps there is a reason he did not do this with men, don’t you think? He wasn’t just randomly sniffing was he? There is an element of power involved in invading someone’s space without permission. Biden is saying in effect: I am doing this and there is nothing you can do about it. I am going in.

Biden has aptly demonstrated what is wrong with open borders. Everything has its limits of acceptability. It is a matter of order, of standards, normalcy, natural tendency and security. There is a line between you and me. This space is mine and that is yours. If you ignore that line and invade my space, you are disrespecting me and threatening my person.

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  1. Louis Rondone

    Biden is a very strange and flawed human being. From his blatant plagiarism and lying, to his personal interaction weirdness. He’s basically a weirdo and an empty suit,so what does that say about the Democrat party, that they would put someone like this forward, as their Presidential candidate, especially now, with his obvious mental decline.

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