PlanTerrorism 9/11

PlanTerrorism 9/11


I was surprised to see so many people linking C/19 with 9/11, but the parallels are fairly obvious.

Clearly P. Trump was not in on the Plandemic, and I also believe Bush II was not in on 9/11. Sometime after the initial dust was raised, Bush II decided he had to attack either Iran or Iraq. Sometime afterwards P. Trump decided he had to go along with C19. It all started back then: Internationalists staging events, and the press just lied to us. We have not recovered from 9/11 yet. Everything in the US has been unstable since, and our rights seem to be slipping away. We are fearful. That is not how we lived before.

Someone said in history class, reading about the Middle Ages, we found ourselves as students thinking how we were glad we did not live back in those Dark Ages. A crummy plot of land was your lot in life. The Lord could do anything to you he wished, and lie about anything he wanted. The masters made up stories about monsters from far away and that was all they knew. You spent you entire life knowing very little, afraid, living in the shadow of your master. If you saw something you weren’t supposed to know, you had to lie.

In more recent times, William Cooper asked the question: “Why is it the Pentagon cannot find Bin Ladin, but a reporter can walk right up to him in his compound and get an interview?” And again, “Why is it Elmhurst is reported to be overcrowded, but someone with a camera went there and saw an empty building?”

What are our prospects? If individuals can be locked down arbitrarily, the worst sort of socialism confronts us as a possibility. Anything can happen to you, and who would know? Who would say? Surely they could just make up stories and spread them around to explain events.

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