Positivism is the New Negative

Positivism is the New Negative


There is great value in “being Positive” according to some people. One woman declared: “I am the most positive person I know and I will always be.” Wow!

This was raised, the issue of positivity, in the campaign for political correctness or PC. This became offensive in the early Obama Administration. Don’t be critical. Try to stay positive and make the most of the situations in which we find ourselves.

He’s the first Black president. Okay. I understood that. There were all the jobs shipped out to China – they seemed to want us to accept this without complaint, and so I suspected as they sent us these straight sewn bluejeans, that we were not to complain because the Chinese were just learning. I understood that NYC was making changes and they wanted people to go along. Obama wanted change, so … don’t react to change by complaining or critiquing. I also felt (and the real reason I conformed for a time) it was possible we were in for a rough time, and by staying positive it would help us weather the storm. It turned out that was not the case.

This basic orientation seems to have metastasized over time, and become a cultural feature, independent of any of the conditions around us. Negative thinking is considered toxic. Negative people drag you down, etc. They inhibit you. They insult you. You propose that math is racist. Somebody laughs and ridicules you.

You might have noticed, positivity has produced more negative situations in the country. At first we lost our jobs. Everyone stayed positive. They searched you are airports. Yeah, well it is okay. Migrants bashed the border. More positivity. The national debt went out of control. Everyone continued to stay positive. Yada Yada, The cities are burning. Some are saying now is the time to stay really positive. Take it a day at a time.

The negative situations arose because … no one complained. Criticism was muted. Corrections were not made. Things continued to get worse. They say they are fixing things, … but they really are not – because people are not saying anything. Perhaps we ought to be re-examining the positions of our authorities, including the impact it will have on us. This kind of positivism is really the acceptance of top-down socialism.

Things will get better soon. I’m positive.


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