Racketeer in the White House?
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Racketeer in the White House?


IF Joe Biden should win, the prevailing belief is that he and his son have sold out to China. People engaged in crime, dishing out state secrets to the highest bidder, using Foundations to money launder etc. will go without prosecution. Criminals will walk the streets. And we will be forced to live along in passive acceptance of false narratives presented to us as reality. And I guess the reason we should go along is because the criminals matter, and their associates – the homosexuals, queers, trans people etc.

I just wonder though, as people normally do, can one find a way to survive as the police say “Listening to the criminals”. The basic strategy of being conformant may not be very good for you, in fact might just make you a victim of the criminal. In addition to appearing to go along, you will also need to find a way to place the focus of their attention elsewhere, away from yourself. At the same time, dare I say it, there will be a need for resistance to their hegemony in every way possible.

Will Facebook, Youtube, or even Bitchute be avail for public commentary? I am afraid to say- I would guess you would become a target of criminals if you continue to speak out. Some other venue will be needed. “Dissidents” will have to be as anonymous as possible. Reaching others through public discourse will become difficult. A secure back channel is needed.

IF there are criminals in the White House clap your hands. If you really know it, then you should really show it – if there are criminals in the White House clap your hands. There may have been shady characters hovering around presidents in the past. If Biden should get elected, it would be the first time we are confronted with this reality written big, and out plainly for everyone to see. What will happen to us?



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