Rainy days and Mondays in the Ukraine

Rainy days and Mondays in the Ukraine

Since the takeover in Kiev- there have been no climate problems. Tsk, Tsk.

Did Reagan put a thermal dispersant in smokestacks that eliminated the rain? It appeared that this might be happening, but no one was sure. Have there been other climate problems in other places leading to collapse?

There is always the possibility of manmade collapses. Just as people can screw with your economy, or an election, it is possible to screw with your crops, or the distribution of crops. In the Ukraine it was said there was something wrong with their system. In the US our crop production suddenly dropped 50%- because they opened up housing, and started eliminating small farms. Some people were alarmed, but we haven’t starved yet.

It would be easy to manipulate the food supply, like they did in northern Africa. You have bread. Now there is no bread. It is also possible for a syndicated group to send food away somewhere and tell the populace there is none- declare a famine. In the US they could send all our beef to China and tell us they were slaughtered because of madcow disease. In the Ukraine it is crop failure. This is quite simple to do in a socialist setting. But who knows which way the wind blows?

Carl Sagan, a Ukrainian Jew, called what happened in the Ukraine “climate change”, and said it was because of CO2, as described by Reagan.

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