Safety Considerations

Safety Considerations

It had been the era in which people could rest assured that your property and person were safe if you went to sleep.

Then all kinds of migrants entered the country, and they did not even know where they were. They agreed that to them the best option was no law enforcement. No police. No ICE. More like back at home.

Now, since these strange people are lurking about, and do not believe in law enforcement, I say they are likely to commit crimes. And if there are no police you have no reasonable belief you can go to bed and feel safe. So what to do?

I suggest the following, and this might work reasonably. Since most people do not know the law except vaguely (but we wouldn’t step on someone’s neck for 5 minutes unless it were accidental), and there is no enforcement, it would be okay probably to take care of security yourself. Maybe get a group together and discuss this. Then, go out and find people who appear as though they might do something untoward, find those who do not look like they belong, and just shag them off ( I do not mean the devolutionary sense of Austin Powers) .

They might be back eventually, then you have to do this again. As long as there is space, there is a measure of reasonable safety.

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