Scared and Shuttered by PEPFAR and the Global Fund
Missing Bananas in Chicago

Scared and Shuttered by PEPFAR and the Global Fund

The virus has the globalists in retreat, although they continue to vocal, and are positioning themselves to continue to cause problems.  the wealthy have their roundtables and associates, and these people in turn serve the government in various capacities.  Driven on by money for the very wealthy, they flood into a situation and try to control it, directing it toward the goals of their masters.  It is the same sort of thing Soros does in the Ukraine to corrupt the government there.

P Bush Jr created PEPFAR, an organization intended to help Africans with AIDS.  IT was well endowed.  This money was given to the UN slush fund known as the Global Fund, whose board members include Bill Gates, Bill Clinton,  and Deborah Birx.  This fund intended to assist Blacks with AIDS has been badly mismanaged- the money going to Clinton, Soros,  and to pay for medical software to Gates.  They have spent over $100B dollars, and AIDS in Africa has not been much affected.  The Fund, controlled by the UN is beyond the reach of the US, and we cannot influence them to solve their abuses or change their rules.  In fact the AIDS problem if it has been alleviated has been resolved by inviting the Blacks to take up residence in the US where they can receive the cocktail from the CDC.  This large migration resulted in a million new AIDS cases in the US, when it had been mostly gone, previous to this.  The sad truth is African doctors have fled the continent coming to the US to work in palliative care units in US hospitals.  The clinics and hospitals in Africa are empty.  There are probably few xray machines available that function.  So what is the global fund doing? It is putting on a big show that included orchestration from Hollywood, it pumps money out of our federal budget, and then it goes missing, without an accounting for its use.

In the current crisis, mostly a panic induced by commercial interests including the media, the same interests that controlled the AIDS problem in Africa, are also involved with the Corona virus, and they have descended on P Trump.  According to available stats, 90% of the deaths were in weakened people with other complications and existing illnesses.   OF 800K people all over the world with the illness, then only 800 people worldwide have actually died from this cold virus.  It is a contagion, but not a lethal one.  In WI we now have two people who have died that tested positive for the CV, but both were already ill and one was in his 90’s.  So … neither one was killed by the CV.  This is all politics.   The game is to frighten the public, move the global fund people in and around P Trump, and put in place WHO protocols that apply to the US.  The US then is conjoled by the likes of Birx,  to loosen funds to the global fund of the UN.  Then they all descend like vultures on the money- for an illness that does not matter.  In the process we might be fooled in giving away our health care involving infectious diseases to the UN.

Praise be to P Trump.  He immediately closed off the border to access from the CHinese. Do you think the globalists found that acceptable?  Of course not.  That would not be in any UN protocols, not when sending Blacks from Africa to the US in the fight with AIDS was so successful.  This can only work if the borders are open.  It can only work if the US government pays for their housing, food, and cocktails.  This process bankrupts the US, and threatens our health so we pay for it.  This corona virus Scare, has already cost us $15T in money , mostly from small business 401K to make payrolls and possibly retool,  and the relief fund.   Meanwhile we must worry about filled hospitals of people with colds that displace really sick people, and the possibility exists that shortages will cause problems.  It is very strange- toilet paper and bananas are in short supply.  Sometimes the grocery shelves are empty unexpectantly.  Surely there will be times people are short of the things they expect to have. Americans are not accustomed to being treated this way- frightened and told to shutter themselves in, with the possibility they could be arrested for going outside.


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