Should Hanukkah be banned?

Should Hanukkah be banned?

We saw the White House celebration of the start of this holiday period. What ever happened to the separation of state and religion Jews always complain about. The Supreme Court decided this – it is illegal.

The Lemon test for a public display to be legal:

The test has three parts:

  1. The statute in question has to have a secular legislative purpose.
  2. It can’t promote or inhibit religion or religious practices.
  3. It can’t give the government leeway to get too involved with any religion.

We Christians had to watch the lighting of the Menorah, and never saw a manger whatever. We are 98% to their 2%. Actions should be taken to stop this. It is intolerable to Christians if we cannot display our Christmas decorations. The menorah being lit at the WHouse is like they are declaring victory over us. After all, this Jewish celebration of battles in which they rebelled and killed many Greeks.

To most Christians, Hanukkah is a disgrace and if offensive. IT is a reminder of when our government gave away interest to the Jews on the national debt. This holiday period intentionally isolates Jews from the remainder of the country, inhibiting assimilation.

IT was William Jennings Bryan that opposed the Federal Reserve legislation in 1913, that gave away money to the banks for nothing, just because the government was incurring debt. The money borrowed did not belong to the banks, hence the money is just a gift. Bryan warning of impending financial crises, like the one that would soon happen in 1929 as bankers moved their money to England to cover borrowing by socialists there who were expanding social programs. P{roper regulation of banks requires them to maintain domestic reserves, and to limit foreign investment that is bad for the nation.

The growth of stability and legal protections for the public, led to “environmentalism”, a way to expand loaning, and .. obtain concessions from governments to take away public protections, and downsize the entitled population. It also is a force to open up foreign countries to exploitation.

What would be great is to eliminate the interest paid to the fed, linked to public loaning, and to stop New World Order “Environmentalism”. Then we could celebrate the Bryan Emancipation at the White House which is a secular celebration.

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