Should there be a moritorium on 5G?

Should there be a moritorium on 5G?

Wuhan is the place where 5G systems were put up as pilot systems.  IF you had your reservations about 5G systems before, perhaps we should now.

There is a concern about cells rupturing as the actual cause of the “COVID-19” virus.  No research has been done, no exhaustive testing on safety for humans in this as we would have done prior to globalism.  Israel designed these systems, but has banned a radiative systems, adopting fiber optic systems instead.  Shouldn’t we back off?  Perhaps we must- we will find out if these illnesses do not seasonally go away.  They might persist in a cluster with other syndromes: kidney problems, hypertension, respiration trouble, etc.

The health concerns are big- but there is still an existing security concern with Huawei.  What of them?  No one in the US wants a social net, and no one wants uncontrolled foreign spying on them, including our government. Nor do we want our government to outsource spying on us through another country, or businesses doing that to us.

Are we on lockdown so they can place these systems into our communities without resistance?  ISn’t that socialism? It is like SKYNET.  After this is all over, life will be different.  We will not have anything to say about it.


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