Space Beacon Required!

Space Beacon Required!

For years that group out of Cornell were fooling people into thinking they were searching for extraterrestrial intelligence. As of yet, no contact.

There is a prediction that in the next 10 years we will make first contact. Well you can wait and dream of werewolves in the meantime but there will be no contact. Not even in the next 100 years. But it is a certainty it will happen.

We cannot travel very far, not even to the nearest planet. IT seems difficult even to get to the moon again. Alan Shepard, how’d you do do that? We can sense light from a long way away, but that is all, the same as it was for ancient Egyptians.

Our best shot is to build a big light beacon, and then count as the light travels until it can reach somewhere, and then a signal sent back to us. The beacon must be large- maybe finding a way to modulate the sun’s light would be adequate. To be safe, maybe we could use a nearby star instead of our own sun- just to get there may take a long time. Maybe a huge lead bomb impacting at the right intervals….

Or we could just keep sending gay people into space until they bring back something. There is a reason for those mitres, and have you noticed the shape of the Vatican? Could Space be the next world order destiny? what they need is a leap of faith,and we should insist.

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