Stuck up?

Stuck up?

We are currently hanging up- with the fed in control, pumping money like crazy, maintaining the old structures we had with the full Chinese trade. Will we just go back, and we wait and the Fed keeps pumping, or … will we begin to self-support, becoming more self-reliant and more secure?

We are hanging in between. While we are, Antifa is dancing, as are other American malcontents and bad wishers. As one hedge funder exclaimed: “Investors are being treated like children. The Fed is artificially fixing the price of stocks with their pumping.” What you have is something like a saving account instead of an investment. The Ups and Downs are fixed, dependent on what the Fed thinks and wants. Seems good, but…. At the bottom of your pot of Gold, is a little latch, and when it is opened, you pot is emptied. Strange changes are possible because of the Big Fed. A big, bad Fed can hurt us.

Will we find a true market once again? Hopefully. That is the survival of markets really. There will be an adjustment. A new economy will emerge. After all, there is only so much you can do with stealing money or using money to manipulate markets. WE have been in this mode since Obama took office. The Fed is a racist organization- promoting first and foremost the chosen people. IT was so bad, they said, you could not even criticize them. Everything was headed by Jews in the financial socialist economy. WE are now stuck this way, and we need to make a transition to mode B. To do so, we may have to destroy one of the socialistic pillars they have erected to suggest to them we actually do want changes. IF a transition is orchestrated over time, say 2-3 years, and markets are created as some crash, people can get out of the way and there is less pain. If the Fed is a bad boy, it will hurt people.

That gold is rising once again, could be an indication there is stress- less confidence in just riding the public market.


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