Sunday sports: Rigged?

Sunday sports: Rigged?

I believe the soccer games are straight. Which channel are they on again?

But with the externalities connected with COMCAST, there is a rise in Jewish sports. This is in opposition to hard turf playing as we have in Green Bay traditionally. WE have seen the emergence of sport heroes- bigger than life people, stars like Babe Ruth, etc to boost attendance. There have been concerns about rehearsed plays across the team divide, even filming shots during the week for insertion in the game. Some believe whole games are scripted, others think they algorithmically adjust the game as it goes to add interest- someone in a boxed seat talking to another on the other side.

Stars rise and stars fall. Brady is a good passer. Hey Braid, what happened? The star is falling. That is all. Who calls these shots? One year adjustment and then – he is off to the Greek islands.

Have you noticed how these stars are often Jewish, as are the team owners? Some people know how to squeeze the public, and cannot help but adulterate the game. We see everything these days is being rigged. The impeachment hearings, fake events presented as real by the media, … the rule is to use your control for whatever benefit there is, right? So almost surely since COMCAST took over and teams values went way up, this rigging has gotten more sophisticated and is suffrocating. It is so prevalent they are getting sloppy at times- on replays they clearly make the wrong choice at times, and even multiple times in a single game. What are the odds for this game? Ask the mobster who arranges the betting. Who knows this guy?

Did COMCAST get players to take a knee? It hurt their audience for football,but hey, they have a monopoly. It was sorta like the new pope when there was one already. Who cares if followers or lost if you got the game controlled? If the sport takes a dive, then … perhaps COMCAST did not want it anyway.

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