Take the Money and Run

Take the Money and Run


It all began in the artificially antagonistic press. They were paid and popularized to have a certain political orientation supposedly to provide balance. That meant certain stories could not be presented by them, and they would pass the story onto the other side though publicly focus on their one pole.

Something similar is happening in the nation now, due to the concentration of wealth in the hands of a few. These people may be US citizens though foreign money enters the country via laundering by various means. You take this money and you are supposed to support your patron. But people do not really do that, instead they take the money and run. They often pretend to go along, but often do such a bad job it has the opposite effect. It’s a great strategy for bringing down the influence of a few wealthy people, which according to most, ought not exist.

A good example is Hillary Clinton. Only God knows where her money comes from. She got so much money she fainted. This made it look like she was unable to function as president. Mueller is another example: he knew the president was innocent of using Russian influence in the election half way through his investigation, yet continued to press his case as though it was still a valid investigation. I would say half his salary was for appearances. In the media today it is no different. They hope to gain various benefits by appearing to support the money people, however, their stories are so bombastic as to be unbelievable, so disinformational they stretch credulity past its limits. This is an old lawyer trick. You pay him a large amount because you are guilty. He waves his arms in court and tells the judge you have 7 children with you only have 5. Guilty says the judge. No where does it say you get the money back if you are found guilty.

Even Joe Biden seems to be doing this. Maybe his wife Jill is actually coaching him. The more money he gets, the more he seems to gaff. Hey, why doesn’t he get out there? I mean, we gave him all that money.


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