Terrorism and Organized Crime

IF a group of associated workers all struck together, disrupting an important service to the country, no doubt the President would have to stop in, as they have in stopping air traffic controllers, for example. You arrest the leaders, and replace the workers. Often behind these strikes are powerful groups, like the mob, or foreign countries. To stop further actions of this kind, you must take them on pushing back. This is exactly like the meat packing plants involving foreign workers. They disrupted these operations not for wages, but to destroy our meat supply. The groups that demanded the plants be closed are responsible, and guess who they are? LaRaza.

The Minneapolis incident is also involved. Here the disruptions are to all businesses, to keep our economy depressed. The policeman involved, the man who choked to death, had a former employer directly connected to LaRaza. Activists are also connected to Target. If a group incites riots, and then directs people to attack their own holdings for the purpose of collecting insurance- that is organized crime.

In NYC, at the hospital there where a community journalist caught Latinos staging a fake hospital overload, including refrigerator trucks for cadavers we see Latinos working to disrupt medical services, plunging the country into a lockdown. Was LARaza involved? How many people requiring hospitalization were injured by this?

We have seen this group attack our food supply, disrupt our businesses, and harm the health of innocent people. Should LaRaza be declared a terrorist organization?

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  1. Truther

    The man who was choked to death, had fentanyl in his system, and he died from a heart attack. Right after his death I declared he was a terrorist- a convert to Islam and that he martyred himself. Could that be what happened? The right dose of fentanyl would dull his pain, allow him to vex the police, and then die.

  2. Truther

    He also targeted to the policeman, knowing he disliked him from having worked with him earlier. He intentionally chose that area to commit his crime, knowingly passing a fake $20.

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