Little Helmet Head

Little Helmet Head

I did not intend to write anything about John Lewis. IT was his time. I really will not miss his Congressional commentary. IF there is something to say about him that is positive, it is that he kept his faith, in his Baptist church. IT gave him the possibility to see beyond the moment, to see beyond the contention, but he like many others never transcended the sphere of simple interracial infighting. He like many others like him, found the way to corruption and there they took solace. They wanted to be more like Whites and that is what they found there for themselves – just like Obama.

The hope for the Obama administration we had was that he would bring back our lost jobs. As a Black man he would not abandon his people, and to save them, he had to help all of America. That is how he got elected. We were all fooled. Obama did nothing for Blacks or for Americans generally. His plan was to roll over us with a global plan. If this was more pain for whities, it was double pain for darkies living in America. Obama abandoned Blacks, and forced them to fight each other. It was decided somewhere, along with healthcare death panels, that they were just not needed in America anymore. If the Whites were not needed, American Blacks needed an extermination plan for themselves. Even African Blacks were preferred by Black American women, as unspoiled culturally.

P Trump’s plan for Blacks involved using the police, and asking the disengaged part of the Black community to engage. He asked them to obey the law, cleanup their streets, work hard in school, and find a job. In this way they could join their Black brothers and sisters who benefitted from the Obama administration and previous affirmative action programs. Unfortunately they ignored P Trump, he being a billionaire. It was heartening to see that some Blacks readily accepted this simple and straightforward plan. Then COVID-19 whatever it is arrived on the scene, and no doubt this has hurt the Black community economically. Just then the Democrats used an old trick- the hoax to create division and an uprising, like Eric Holder and Al Sharpton did with Trayvon Martin and George Zimmermann, using the fake George Floyd incident. In fact many of the same people are involved in deliberately dividing Blacks and Whites for the sake of the election. After the election Blacks are left with the shards of this, effectively reduced and diminished.

The product of Lewis’ involvement is a divided US, and a divided Black Community. They are told their labor is not needed, that they have bad skills, and everyone is prejudiced against them. This division harms the nation. We saw immediately Antifa stepped in and took advantage. To stop this we need a real leader who instead of exploiting racial tension, attempts to realize a vision- one in which Blacks are Americans, and participants in building a better America. A true leader will find a way for roles for Blacks that work. The division approach will destroy the Blacks, and the way we handle diversity is just one step from creating division between all these groups, for they are almost all exclusively self-contained communities that have little to do with each other.

So let me take down Lewis’ statue before they erect it. He was used by the Democratic Party to remind Blacks they are hated, and they must fight- so with a few fake incidents … they would start to fight.

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