The China Experiment

The China Experiment

US business interests have invested in China, a nonaligned country that somehow was made into a most favored trade state. We watched as the Chinese goods were brought in, T-shirts and jeans and the like. Things we did not want to manufacture, and then … before you knew it they were making everything.

The gamble was that the interactions with the Chinese would bring them closer to western values and less a threat. We believe we would gain more political influence in the region. Actually there is rigid wall in China that permits no deviancy from its state policies. We have found that China has adopted an economic war in which our businesses are being held hostage. the Chinese make no apologies for ripping off the west. We should make no apologies for cutting off trade with them, and moving this trade to a more favored set of nations.

In fact, let us state this fairly clearly. We should not support the Chinese state, a state that is harshly repressive, that is aggressive toward states in its region, and expansionistic on the globe, dominating and overwhelming other countries.

We should forget about the Ukraine and the Jewish mafia and concentrate more on controlling and containing China, the bad panda.

WE might also consider our national experiment in Communism. We have found they care little about our nation’s values and our nation. WE have found they care little about obeying our laws and responding to our leaders. Should we not be placing more pressure of these people and their groups in order to restore order, and improve our nation’s security?

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