The Edenic Gardeners

The Edenic Gardeners

Who will inherit the world?  Who wants to inherit the world?  IS space the answer to the expanding human populace?  What is the good caretaking of the garden?

After the world is filled with people, what then?  Space was our answer in 1960, and free love was in the air.  But … NASA is still largely orbiting the earth.  What gives?  Apparently the heating up of the habitation of space is too slow.  Space is not warming, and is still lacking stuff.  Our babies are not mouthing moonstuff.  They are still discussing babies in space, and so far no one likes the idea much.  Oops.  Perhaps Richard Branson already has conceived a baby in space.  You can probably do the same for a price.  Strapdowns are the short term answer to the emergence of babies in space.  The problem with practicing using conventional aircraft is you only get 22 seconds of useful practice and it is hard to keep the plane on a parabolic path, and small irregularities cause unexpected accelerations.  All you can do is apologize really.  We look at the stars and all that stuff.   It is still too far away.

So we are prisoners here on earth and for the time being we are unable to escape.  So the question is how do we live as the human stock keeps rising?  There are obviously two possibilities: 1)the success of the Hindu model, in which the high reproducers inherit the world.  If you buy their claim of equality then they are more equal because of numbers; 2) Ivory Tower model:  Lower reproducers advance more because less time is invested in basic support of human culture, and they inherit because they can manage numbers, better than the numerically advantaged can manage them.

It does not take long but you can convince yourself the success of the human race depends on the success of the Ivory Tower Model.






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