The post Post

The post Post

The US Postal service we all rely on for postal deliveries, rain or shine, has been accumulating debt for some time.  Hit by the impact of the Internet and cellphones, it has never really recovered.  Like a bomb scare is good for security staffing, the anthrax attacks were good for the postal service.  IT underscored the vital function it has to screen for dangerous deliveries, as  an extension of our security system.  The friendly postal worker cannot be replaced by just anyone with a Visa.

However, it is outmoded, compared to the Royal Mail, upon which it was modeled.  In England they have separated collection, which is done by a contract company with the lowest bid, from mail sorting and delivery.  They are able to deliver a 1st class postal item in 1 day anywhere in the UK.  Additionally they have made the Royal Mail a public company which has stock on the stock exchange.  The government holds 30% of the ownership of this company.  This allows the public some input, stock low or high as a barometer of the service.  This help the Mail take initiatives for new services, etc.

The last review of the system revised the operating procedures of the USPS and closed some service buildings nationwide.  More changes may be in the offing this summer, as they attempt to keep the post office from going bankrupt again.

Postal carriers say they are unable to cope with the Corona Virus: have no hand sanitizer to wash their hands, etc.  They suggest you not lick envelopes which might help to spread the virus.



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