The Press is for Others

The Press is for Others

I noticed that the foreign press often had the same stories as those I found in US newspapers such as Gannett  owned by Walter Buffet.  IT was not that people believed the stories, but they were what the mainstream services were presenting.  There should be two presses I thought, one for domestic news, and another for foreign consumers of the news.  After all what affects them is not the same as what affects us.  Too often we were being pressed into a third world status because of our news.  Gay issues, for example, I understood to mean we wanted fewer babies abroad, but the problem with that was we were facing Gay Pride parades in Chicago and wherever else they went instead.  This did nothing to the good “out there”.  And it was trashing our world, in here.

Buffett might have considered that the wild people out there would actually do the opposite of what we do here. They probably were already Gay out there, and less so after he spewed his propaganda on them.  Probably the Gay people left being “out there” and came “in here”.  Hooray for that. (Were those people in the Parades even Americans? )

Next, enter the Corona Virus.  How to play this to the World?  Let’s say it hardly affects you.  Then the people out there think you instigated the whole thing.  Someone allowed this to propagate all over, right?  They wanted this, so if it has visited you the best way to avoid a resurgence is to overplay the harm of this.  You overstate your real casualties, like the Italians have done.  All those people up in the highland spas and baths are dying from it.  How many other countries have done this?  Probably many.  The Chinese have done this also, claiming there are far more than reported deaths.  The US is in the same category, grossly overstating the harm of the Corona Virus, thinking other people will believe they have more damage than they really do.

Cut to Spanish Flu.  IT was right at the end of WWI.  I always though someone brought some dirty pigs into Belgium to end the war.  They tried to blame the Germans for it, after all we call them Germ Men.  I just wonder though, perhaps they did the same thing back then.  Apparently many people died, and the US seemed to have the worse of it- with many photos showing this.  But maybe they counted almost everyone who died as having died from the Spanish Flu, when in reality it was this or that instead.  You could expect that to happen, and the country with the worst of it, probably perpetrated the scheme.  the Spanish Flu did not end the War to End all Wars, for soon thereafter, there was another war.


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