The Walking Corona Death

The Walking Corona Death

We know they are out there.  If we must go out, prepare yourself, and make a dash.

Observation 1.  This circumstance could be used to cause civil disorder and mayhem, if it lasts too long.  People who want that will hype the scare- inflate the number of cases and deaths, tell people to stay home longer and longer.  They say it is inevitable you will get it, although you can fairly easily prevent it.  People will become frightened.  Shortages will lead to big problems.  People who dislike the United States may hype the scare, and doctor the stats just like they mess with the vote.

Observation 2.  In lockdown, people can do anything to the elderly they want.  Pull the cord, – it can be blamed on the virus.  The virus provides a cover for death panels.

That some countries have population imbalances or overpopulation is undeniable.    That there are people in our country promoting socialism and chaos as a pathway to socialism are both undeniable.  Socialists adopt policies that kill people for the sake of social change.  That never is the case in a Christian society.   Socialists are totalitarian and believe if a country does something all countries have to do it also (equality?).  Countries are all different and should not follow the same policies.  Finally, the regions with the large number of deaths and cases are in socialist strongholds.  There are a growing number of minorities who hate White Supremacists and want them to die.   Are they using the virus to fight against the US?  in effect to wreck us so people are not deported?  If so they must be stopped.

We hope P Trump stops the intentional spread of this virus through the protection of clear areas, and will send people back to work ASAP.  I would expect since people are not working, the strongest possible actions are being taken to resolve this- including penetrating/monitoring potentially subversive groups, such as the Puerto Ricans in NYC.  People are concerned the people around the presiodent may be trying to give him a heart attack.  He should see his physician(s) every few days to ensure he does not get overheated or too overstressed.

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