They are changing the names of Schools!

They are changing the names of Schools!


Antifa, or BLM, or whatever they are, are renaming schools they were named after luminaries like Washington and Jefferson.

Washington and Jefferson are held in high esteem by our country, for they are the fathers of our nation. So what do we make of people who want to erase them from the public consciousness? This is a slap in the face of a person who cares about his country, respects and reveres its leaders and its history.

We are nearing the time of a reactionary response. People cannot be allowed to commit crimes, and not be held to account. Surely the leaders will have to be apprehended. This action may require troops.

As we step away from China as a labor source, lawful people who respect our society could be used in the production of these commodities, at a low wage. Never before have we ever seen such a group of misfits, a group that has wildly grown inside our country. They should cease and desist all activities that reject our nation, for if they continue in this vein, they will be severely struck down. This is their only chance. They should give up all individuals that incite violence and damage senselessly so this stops. These people are not needed, but isn’t it inhumane to merely eliminate them?

Detriot Scene- Disordered Zone

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