Never liked people tracking me in my car without permission. I found it, a cellphone-like device, disconnected it, shut off its power, and placed it into a metal box. I felt like I had just killed a terminator. Should I still give it a couple of whacks with a hammer? Now they want to track my person,and hunt down all people who come into contact with someone. It is an outrageous intrusion into our lives, like Facebook agents.

Contact tracking is already used for pernicious, sexually transmitted diseases in which the tracking is tight. This protects public safety, and the people tracked are carriers of a bad disease. Doing this for COVID-19 is making people into criminals for just being near someone else. All these things including certificates of health, and injected dye labels are suggested to control you like a piece of livestock.

I would suggest dye labeling for foreign residents, as an identifier, if it were temporary- but that is not what is being suggested. If Bill Gates wants to label you, you do not have to do it. Just say no. You do not have to submit to any NGO.

If Bill Gates is unsorry for killing a bunch of Americans, no doubt he would not be sorry for contact tracing either.

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