Trail of Tears

Are more Chinese entering the country seeking asylum because of disease, and some governors are taking them in?  Are they continuing to bring new cases to the US?

We are all concerned about increases in cases and deaths. When the numbers seem to be increasing for no reason, what is the cause?  social propagation actually is small.  What is large is an influx of new cases.   They recharge the pool of illness.  This is similar to AIDS from Africa.   We had propagation down to almost nothing, but the influx of cases from Africa caused the illness to bloom, and propagation to increase.  Could Fauci be hiding Chinese entrants to the US, like they hid AIDS patients from Africa?  Since his numerical models are in great doubt, his prognostications might be based on suspected influxes.  If this is the case, we continue to be in lockdown because of this influx.  Surely the answer here is not to continue the lockdown, but to stop the influx.

We know 1) P Trump stopped Chinese entry into US, and 2) Congress provided a bumper crop of Visas for foreign entry into US.

WE have heard of Doctors without Borders, not so much about Patients without Borders.  Surely patients should have protection from people with weird diseases from foreign countries.  We saw what the CDC did.  They brought AIDS here, and few complained.  So Obama brought in Ebola patients, and people with antibiotic resistant diseases from India.  We can help in specially designed units that can handle diseases for the sake of diagnosis and epidemiology.  We might find a cure for something.

But making the US the hospital for the world, is a mistake.  These countries need to provide healthcare for their own people.  Why should we care for the sick of China?  In fact we cannot- they are too numerous.  We should not be the dumping ground for other countries criminals and sick people.  We have a patients right to adequate care- free from exposure to exotic diseases.  With COVID-19 and high spread we are talking about losing grandma and grandpa.  We do not want to handle diseases like this, or any diseases. And a social shutdown is taking this to the level of insanity.

If they keep coming, the time honored thing to do, is either return them, or placed them into a detention center for treatment and a return. To do this, they need good border control, for the sake of our health.

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