Trump Cult

Trump Cult

If P TRump’s victory was an insult to the Left and the penetrated media, how have things gone for them recently?

The one lasting glory of the Democratic Party was the ouster of P Nixon. Nixon declared there had been a sea change, an upswelling of anger against his administration. We get an image of Bobby Kennedy talking about ending the Vietnam War, and Bobby becoming the fallen soldier of the Left.

Well, Adam Schiff is not Bobby Kennedy. And the times are different- this is not a postwar environment. Such times are hard on presidents. What we face is a cult on the Left, a political group on the Left still waving their “Save the Union” banners, long after the jobs were shipped away. They are the group swayed by Hollywood actors and movie stuff- the cool people who watch DVDs and Netflix, and who because of party affiliation are willing to back Revolutionaries and swampy political figures because they are “Democrats” or Left leaners because by inference they are the cool people with the sunglasses and relaxed clothing like themselves. They were willing to vote for Hillary in large numbers without really thinking about it, a proved criminal.

After the collapse of the Mueller probe, silently there arose a split in the political machinery on the Left, as the cultists out in the country continued to believe in the party. They did not want the country to be run by criminals and their lawyers, and wanted to stop both the bogus reporting of the captured media, and the conflicted, corrupted politicians. If there is to be a new Left, it had to shed its old skin.

The “Save the Union” crowds are still out there, and to create the new Left they had to take them for a walk, like you do if you have indigestion and hope to get things moving. The impeachment proceedings are helping.

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