Universal Peace
Leon Trotsky (1879-1940) lays dying in hospital in Mexico City after the exiled Russian Bolshevik leader was savagely attacked and fatally wounded at his home in Mexico by a man named Frank Jackson who Trotsky had invited in for tea, 20th August 1940. Jackson, who used an ice pick in the attack, turned out to be NKVD agent Ramon Mercader. (Photo by Popperfoto via Getty Images/Getty Images)

Universal Peace

If just everything could be the same, then there would be universal harmony.

This always bothered me about heaven. Everyone in harmony. What do you do for fun?

The thinking by many today is that Communism will bring global harmony. I have rarely seen a Communist that is not fighting. So where’s the peace in that? When the Khmer Rouge took over Cambodia, they then committed genocide. Maybe after the genocide there was peace, after they ridded themselves of these ruthless people.

The prime example of Communist disunity is Russia and China. These two nations, geographically connected, have little harmony or acceptance of one another. How could that be? There is no move for the two politburos to connect. Why is that? Are they not all Communists, part of one large totalitarian state? Does the Chinese expansion respect Russia? There are indications it does not. The main thing that protects Communist territory in Russia, is the cold.

IF the World became Communist Red, Communist Gray, Communist Blue, Communist Purple, etc. – would it be any different than it is?

Obama’s first step was to undermine elections. This is what is behind driver licenses for Latinos, canvassing for votes, no IDs, etc. IF this movement to destroy the integrity of the vote continues (blamed on Trump no doubt), what will emerge is a 1 party system with no vote. This means that people cannot decide on their leadership or political emphasis any longer. Cutting out the will of the people from the equation- how is that a step forward for those people? No longer having a voice, they must listen to the dictates of 1-party and its central committee. Have you ever tried to talk to these central committees? They have a poor track record of caring for any other committees.

You can run, but you cannot hide from the central committee. Ask Lev Davidovich Bronshtein, AKA Leon Trotsky. Despite being a central figure in the creation of the revolution that led to a Communist state, he was marginalized, exiled, and finally hunted down by an axe-murderer in Mexico. Nothing too peaceful about that. What he wanted is less bureaucracy, and more democracy in Communism.

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