Up with Vets!

Up with Vets!

We are not talking opiates here.

On campus a guy told me only people with low IQs joint the military. I wondered, “How do they know what they are doing?”. And of course after they fight, many are not dead, but sick in the head or body and they linger, talking about the fight.

We have already had the war to end all wars. How did that go? We had not seen much of a large land war in awhile. We though the nukes would maybe end the fighting but it was too useful to give up- they proceeded conventionally. We wondered “Can they do that?”. Well they could and did, and continue to do so, as though the nukes were psychological. Sometimes I wonder, maybe they are not real. Well, I’ll keep that to myself just in case the Iranians decide to invade Saudi Arabia, or Russian hordes invade Europe. It could be like “A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court”, if nukes were real.

Walls make good neighbors, and I can prove that from neighbors we had, and distractions we endured because of our neighbors and no wall. The world is a dynamic place, and most of us crave stability and order, but some people are thrown into chaos every little while. Sometimes there are culture clashes. There are groups that strongarm others, decapitate others, and buy/sell people. There has to be people that are courageous enough to set this straight when things get out of hand, people who guard the wall, people who stop the ruthless mobs. These people are not stupid, they are the few that are courageous enough to make our lives functional through their service.

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