Using the Little Gray Cells


Twelve members of a nursing home in Northern WI all got the Corona Virus. The rates of infection are very low in that region. How does the Virus find people in nursing homes like this? The explanation is there is something peculiar to nursing homes that expose members to the Virus. The obvious explanation is a medical treatment of some kind, test kits for the virus, or a vaccine such as the novel MERS vaccine. How did these commodities get there? The easy explanation is they came from China, namely Wuhan.

The question then is, was it premeditated? Well, China claimed we could make our own pharmaceuticals if we did not like theirs, indicating the contamination was accidental from workers. People around Wuhan claimed the situation regarding Corona Virus was a scare- a fake, they blaming the government for a campaign of false information spreading.

No member of the Chinese government has taken responsibility, but then they really never do. We know Chinese factions and individuals have acted against Americans, contaminating products and exposing people to harm. When their booster rocket recently almost hit NYC, they were unconcerned.

Whether it was a rocket that just missed, but could have hit … or a cold virus that could have been much worse, there is a sense that the dragon could actually start to exhale fire.

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  1. Truther

    In days gone bye? NORAD would have taken care of this rocket

  2. Truther

    According to Chinese batwoman, this virus is just the tip of the iceberg- world must work together to solve pandemics. In other words she is threatening more calamities unless there is “globalism”.

  3. Truther

    Was the US medical system warned about contaminated supplies? People generally were not informed.

  4. Truther

    One reason diabetics might be susceptible to Corona virus is that they are using contaminated insulin.

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