VACCINES: Hair of the Dog Sophistication

VACCINES: Hair of the Dog Sophistication


It is little remembered: toxic reactions to Mercury. People who had little exposure often had allergic-type reactions to their first exposure. Mercury would suddenly inhabit their environment often through burning. Solution: give them a small dose several times to lessen their sensitivity. This basic idea remains the stalwart concept in vaccinations. OF course there is always the possibility that first exposure might result in an anaphylactic shock- too bad for them. Often they are considered just genetically inferior in a modern environment: Darwin’s principle. It is a slippery business: too much, and you get the illness straightaway, too little and you obtain no diminished sensitivity. Of course in a modern environment, Mercury injections are no longer required for they are bombarded with these chemicals all the time.

Because of the horror stories of people being maimed and killed by vaccines, people have shied away from them. Instead of them, they prefer to obtain mini-exposures simply by living- especially for illnesses that are less severe. There is no telling what the maestro has placed in those things, for what purpose, and what special conditions they may have ignored. The whole world gets the same vaccine! But should they? One possible reason for ignoring special cases – is, it is an EMERGENCY! If not, then there really is no excuse.

The public thus sits between Scylla and Charybdis. The medical establishment and their associates have plans for their vaccines, but do not seem to care much about medical research. The current vaccine approach requires no real biological sophistication. You adjust the hair of the dog, inject, and observe. Does it work? If too strong, lessen the dose, try again. How is it, Goldilocks? Isn’t it fun playing doctor?

The other side of the coin, is to look at the biochemistry, the tissues involved, and understand from observations what biological receptors are responding. In the case of Mercury, you find out why it is so toxic, then you can block those receptors so they do not respond to Mercury. So then, it is possible to protect without injecting people with poisons, and germs, and everything you would rather avoid.

I am sure their fast vaccine is just a less potent form of the COVID virus injected into you. A HS kid could do it- although few people would trust him or her for the testing phase. Same old, same old – just the hair of the dog.



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