Virtual Candidate

Virtual Candidate


For some reason, the Democrats have a “virtual convention”.

They say it is because of C19. But what if it is a way to keep the cronies, and surely Biden is one, from going off script? You can have what appear to be camera perfect images. NO sweating, for example. Also no booing. No clapping. There is no emotion in the moment, the stuff of history. AS some people stated: “This convention is flat.” IT surely is. Perhaps they are paving the way for actors to participate- like making a movie. But politicians are not actors. They are responsible for people’s lives. Politics is not just a rally, it is a way to determine how we can live.

All you have here is: “Wasn’t Michelle’s video great?” What is that? What it is, it is divorced from reality. That is what it is. The Democratic Party is a mess, and it is no surprise they do not want to meet up. Their candidate would be better if he were a drunk. Could you have a virtual president? I suppose, but who would really be leading the country? Kamala? She is anything to anyone. She is surely not a leader. Someone would be leading. Who does Nancy listen to?

Thankfully there are debates. As long as they are not rigged up, we will see who Joe is. If he cannot make it there, he does not belong anywhere.



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  1. Truther

    thre is no point in placing Joe or Hunter Biden in jail for corruption NOW, for like trampoline Bernie Madoff, they would just get out again.

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