What is a National Person?

What is a National Person?


P Trump recently faced the issue of “What is a person?”, in the context of the 14th amendment. This was to determine who gets taken into consideration in the census, and hence who is represented in Washington DC. Furthermore it is a determinant in who has recourse to the courts.

Jane Goodall tried to acquire personhood for two apes-Kiko and Bebe. She wanted to bring forth a legal action to protect the apes and pointed out that personhood does not require a human, since companies are just abstract entities. They are given personhood since they have access to the courts. The apes according to a judge, could not be persons.

What is a person? The original sense of person was an entity that is ethically and morally responsible for their intentional actions. For this reason Kiko was judged to not be a person. A corporation can be held responsible (but are they actually?) and so they are deemed to be persons. It could be argued and I am sure it has that collectives are groups, and not individuals and hence they are not persons. Neither do We count them in the census. Kiko was deemed to be a case that falls under the category of animal rights, not person rights.

When we consider illegal aliens, or guest workers, should apportionment for representatives include representation for them? Should they be counted in the census? Could it be right, that illegals could crowd into a state, acquire rights and privelges as citizens, and gain their own representatives? Could they take over the country that way? Someone pointed out that CA now has the speakership, and with Harris as VP, and additional representatives because of migrants – CA undoubtedly is becoming more influential – while being one of the poorest run states in the union – a burning Babylon. Letting CA gain more influence in DC is like having Kiko be president. Could a corporation run for president?

Let me be the judge. Never should a foreign population become so large that its gain through representation should become an issue. This is a case involving immigration, and not personhood. If you want illegal aliens to be persons then immigration law should be changed. Since they are illegals, they are not legally responsible parties and hence they are not persons. Similarly guest workers, itinerants from other countries are not persons, whether they overstay their visas or not. It is purely nonsense to say they are persons in the context of national identity.



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