What are the Hawaii and San Diego Naval Yards For?

What are the Hawaii and San Diego Naval Yards For?

As of Jan 2019, the population of Asians in the US, specifically Chinese was exponentially increasing and the influx was larger than the Latinos from the South.  Then something happened.  Recently, it is believed millions of Chinese have landed here in the US, mostly in New York City, and Washington State.  Washington State first used the COVID-19 virus as a cover.  The problem here seems to be the large number of internal residents that induce them to move here.  The president has sealed their entry however, nothing is being done to stop the influx and their friendlies here from continuing the process.  They either just enter, or go through Vancouver.  the people on either coastline did not like the ships that came in, they thinking the boats were there to block entry to newcomers.

Your guess is as good as mine as to why we are locked down.  Our federal government is also positioning itself to handle future Chinese epidemics as a global pandemic including us embracing migrants from China seeking entry for health care.  This just invites more and more immigration.  We seem to be winning the war to get the most people on earth within our country.  Perhaps they are just hiding the redistribution and health care of all these migrants.  This could also explain the meat disappearance (which has happened before also), from Chinese owned companies like Smithfield.   There may be a large number, more than we can count – many tens of  millions.

This is the globalist plan, to move people around from the more densely populated regions to those of less.  It is viewed that since the Chinese are 1/3 of the global population, they should occupy 1/3 of our nation.  This was the plan under Obama, basically to triple our American population.  This recent action may have been to throw the Trump administration into a tailspin.       It probably hasn’t help the economies of Italy or Spain either.  The migrants like nicer places to live.  Good for them.  It was possibly planned by Pelosi, at the same time they launched a false impeachment for a distraction.

Did China bomb the Naval Yard in San Diego?  Usually flights arriving from Asia landed in Hawaii, prior to continuing to the US.  The big jets today can fly over Hawaii I guess.  Between the Navy, the Air Force,  and the Army, the homeland shall be defended and guarded.   But something must’ve happened.  Dey not do nuthin.   Put on shows.

Is this the end of immigration?   We cannot make it with a large population here.  We do not have the resources, nor can we obtain them from elsewhere.  We will soon suffer from overpopulation, the very condition for years we avoided.  Already our homeland is transformed to a lesser place, and rapidly worsening.  What will stop the alienation of our country when people like Pelosi back such a thing, leaving the door open to numberless migrants?  We cannot psych them out of the country.  The people trying to destroy our nation must be stopped.  The migrants must be confronted and turned aside.  The next wave might destroy us.  No pensions, no Social Security, no jobs, and limited food.

We are paying to support their international plans.  Co-conspirators like Branson have the gall to ask for stimulus support.  He must be laughing his ass off.

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