What is race?

What is race?

We tend to think certain physical attributes define “race”.  We think of racism, as intolerance of differing outward physical attributes.  People say things like Blacks are White inside, and some lose their skin and essentially are White.  Michael Jackson in his poppy way bleached himself to look White, to show there is no difference.  Then he changed his appearance to look like Nancy Pelosi to show he is crazy- but the racial feelings he had were real enough.  But is there really an actual substantial racial difference?

(Michael’s transformation speaks to his condition- he did this as a stunt because he was dying anyway.  Try to collect from his old man.  I would like to believe he is living in the Middle East, but his transformation proves … he had AIDS and believed he would soon die. )  If everyone would get AIDS wouldn’t that be bad?  What if a race existed that was immune.  Would that be good?  Imagine if you were a member of a group immune to AIDS.  Would that make you special?  Would it make people hate you?  Should you mate with people so as to lose your immunity, but for a person outside your group to gain immunity?  Do our outward exhibited characteristics define our internals?

The division based on race can be understood, by examining the life of Typhoid Mary.  She was immune from typhus, but carried it giving it to people close to her.  They repeatedly placed her in prison, and forced her to live in isolation.  She was called a filthy beast, among other things.   Doctors in White garb rose up, and called her a public menace.  Some wanted her dead and her body burned, for goodness sake.  TM could have lived with people like herself, or with others immune to Typhus.  This is not at all a matter of chosen identity.

Although we still suffer from the cultural affinities of the past, we are now better able to understand our distinctions and their ramifications than we had in the past.  WE needn’t just fear our differences, nor should we just ignore all our distinctions.


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