Woodward Ho
Journalist and author Bob Woodward at his home in Washington, D.C. on Sept. 23, 2018.

Woodward Ho


The president has exercised good judgment is almost everything he does, so why would COVID-19 be any different?

Bob Woodward of “Watergate” fame probably was out to get another big thriller, this time using an interview with the President himself. I certainly would have advised him not to accede to a an interview, let alone several lengthy interviews. Bob will tap those tapes now and then, probably for years. They are like the Nixon tapes, Nixon recorded of himself. But to just go along with it- that is hard to understand. Bob here is a hired gun. People had expectations Bob would finally nail the sucker. It is possible the president charmed him instead.

IF a doctor’s job is to play up a viral outbreak for the sake of safety, it surely is the President’s job to downplay a viral outbreak to prevent a panic. To say there was a coverup of the fact that P. Trump downplayed the virus is ridiculous. He clearly stated this was a fake. He convincingly and almost continuously went without a mask. Not much of a coverup! At least the president was wearing clothes. We see beyond blaming the president for a ridiculous coverup – this is similar really to saying he had a quid pro quo matter in the Ukraine which was another ridiculous assertion on its face – that the narrative continues to hype the pandemic.

While the media say Sturgis produced 250,000 cases of C19, we find from the governor of S Dakota there were actually 250 cases – off by a factor of 1 thousand. There are many people hyping the pandemic in a ridiculous fashion like this. In fact there are many patients’ families who have said right out their loved ones died from a different condition. Doctors have admitted they were forced to say a death was due to C19 when they knew it wasn’t. WE know it was said hospitals were crowded when in fact they were empty: they faked an overcrowding event using crisis-type actors at a hospital in NYC. We know both the PCR test and antibody test give false positive results, and the more testing you do, the more fake cases of C19 you have. It is also believed that the state apparatus in some states- have flipped the test results in special cases for its effect. Did you get a positive test when you felt fine? You are not alone. These people are wondering why the president did not openly declare this to be a fake and take appropriate action.

Why the fake pandemic? It was all planned out ahead of time, and the planning was videorecorded- called Event201. Why have they done this? Gates said : “We are unprepared for a pandemic.” Actually, Gates is right. (he promotes his baby: the home computer) First people were not getting their vaccinations anymore. The reserved beds for the case of a pandemic were being used for other purposes. That there is an everpresent risk of a serious outbreak is clear. Diseases roll out of China, ALL THE TIME. How do you know a chinaman likes you? He sneezes in your direction. How do you feel when you enter your favorite Chinese restaurant? Wishy washy. People cross borders with diseases. This all proves that people watch the evening news, probably on ABC, and really pay attention to little else, most of the time. The elderly mostly, younger people less so – at least wrt this pandemic.

There are many possible reasons for continuing the plandemic. Probably too many to mention. Everyone is considering the ramifications as they play out. Good for promotion of vaccines. Good for promotion of hygienic habits. Good for the contraction of national businesses and the expansion of foreign trade. Good for pharma for the sake of producing cures for things you imagine you might have or get. Bad for trad schools. Bad for churches(good for that old time religion in the homes). Bad for Sports. Bad for illegal aliens and people at the bottom who no one cares about. Bad for fish markets . For the UK this seems to be a good opportunity to teach the public a little totalitarianism: mandatory testing for everyone. Etc.

WE know that in Italy, after a careful examination of their data, only 1 or 2 people died from C19. After all it is hard to die from a cold, even if you are 90. In the US the CDC declared their death counts were off by a factor of 10, and of those deaths if it hard to say if C19 was a major factor.

For myself, I have learned zinc can stop a cold that begins, in its tracks. In this saga who is Deep throat? Why, it must be P Trump.


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