You are not wanted

You are not wanted


My friend Ann recounted the Ukrainian history of how the Soviet Communists who had trouble controlling the Ukrainians as they desired, orchestrated their demise by withholding seed they needed to plant their crops, then demanding they deliver the crop to them, and executing those who could not. You could say the Ukrainian farmers there were not wanted.

At the beginning of the Obama administration after outsourcing your jobs, many Americans were told they were not wanted. I’m just saying, maybe they really meant that. The confluence of finance and socialism had its answer in a lying obsequious press, death panels and waiting until those clinging to their bibles and guns just died off. Today after COVID-19 and mobs kicking in White men’s heads, being unwanted has headed into a new chapter. Although limited in scope now, this could change. How much is China involved in the destabilization of our country? We know they have agents imbedded here in fairly large numbers, that they are the prominent member of the UN groups arrayed against P. Trump and our nation’s identity. We see their agents running for office of president as really their candidates: Biden and Harris. She is an out and out Commie, and well, you know Joe and China are very close. This shocking reality is causing people to abandon supporting this renegade group of democrats. Several mayors of Minnesota have gotten the message. They are voting for the country and P Trump. They do not want anyone to build on what has been going on in our cities.

This swarm of pathetic hellish mobsters have no principles, and they think killing whities and those who will not support their movement , is how they feed their families. These people should not have been in our country to begin with – many here illegally, and many are barely civilized. If you do not vote against expanding this, you are quite possibly voting for your own butcher.

Don’t be foolish. It felt good watching the guard moving these people off the street, and beyond all doubt, Joe was running away from locals in Kenosha, who were glad to see their streets safe again. Stupid Joe, even gave people who talked with him in his indoor session talking points they were supposed to use while speaking with him. Since when did politicians think this was appropriate? Joe wants to reduce people down to automatons without a brain. I could never vote for that in a million years. Remember there are 35M Uighers, and the Chinese have a program to brainwash them, or eliminate them. How many Whities are unwanted in the USA?


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