You do not have to get IT!

You do not have to get IT!

There are people saying repeatedly, that you will get it and it cannot be avoided.  They say they are only attempting to control the rate of spread.  This is socialism is operation – to say you will get exposed.  According to Christian values, we seek to keep our elderly from exposure.

BUT you do not have to get it, now or later.  Your best defense is to keep your home clean.  If the number of cases outside is very low, you can go out without a mask but you should maintain the 6′ separation.  When you get home, immediately wash your hands thoroughly.  If the number of cases outside is higher, and your chance of encountering someone with the virus is high or almost certain, then you can wear a mask. Take care not to expose yourself to the exterior of the mask – your lips, eyes, or hands.  Discard the mask, or sterilize it.  This way you will never get the virus.

The same procedures can prevent the spread of the virus in a district.  Like your home, you draw a boundary around a region in which you will not permit passage in and out.  If you must go out/in then follow strict rules to avoid exposure.

Hospitals that collect the exposed must follow their own rules to quarantine the hospital, and all IO must be highly controlled.  At present this is not happening.

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