Global Health and Me

Global Health and Me

I got vaccinated as a child.  the original vaccine was great- giving people cowpox to keep them from getting smallpox.

Today vaccines are not so straightforward.  They can contain anything.  You still have the choice between getting vaccinated or not, although as a child in school, I really did not have a choice.  Today people are worried about vaccines causing autism.  No one cares to admit that, or care about that.   There are people who believe vaccinations provide a herd immunity, however that is obtained, and therefore even if some people die from them, it is the herd factor that matters – therefore it is the collective over the individual.

AS a national matter we can debate this, hopefully.  WE can decide what we ought to do.  Having had a process with an input for all relevant thoughts on the matter, we can adopt the most intelligent path.  The problem is, that is not the way things are being discussed.  In fact our internal political process has gone off the rails.  The solution is derived from what makes people money, rather than a state-derived solution.  Or it can be anything a small group of elites decide, whoever they are, whatever their goals may be.  the latest control mechanism being discussed by companies is the combination of bioweapon and vaccine.  You vaccinate yourself, and spread the weapon.  Or you can vaccinate yourself, spread a disease, and wait until people beg for the vaccine.  Before you deliver it, you can ask for anything.  Can our government let this happen?  Let private parties pull this sort of thing?  I do not know if our government stops any company from doing this.  Companies have patents on these things.

We design it, the Chinese produce it.  You have a bioweapon, the Chinese cultivate it in a community, and they are allowed to leave to spread it.  We, having open borders, are prepped for its reception.  Soon we need a cure, something to save us from this pathogen.  Surely, this kind of business is not anything we can abide.  the Chinese could do this themselves.  Russia could do it, using China as a proxy.  They could infect people with their diseases, and also produce drugs and paraphenalia for populations they select to get through the pandemic.  Could we allow this? In the old days, this would be a basis for war.  It is a weapon of mass destruction.  If it were done by a company, that company would no longer exist.

With my nation, I know it is our interest that is at stake.  Without my nation my health is being left up to commercial interests and possibly an external political coalition.  With my nation I have legal rights.  Without my nation, someone like Mr Gates can decide to give me a biomarker in my vaccine without my knowledge, just like Google can track me without my permission.  So we have that and the possibility people in Davos or China might decide to kill me, and I die in a hospital with my morphene drip never knowing I did not get the cure because someone did want me to have it.  Was it something I said in  private that had been recorded?  Was it somewhere I drove?  Was it how I voted?  Was it a meeting I attended?  Or was it just my age and race?  Was it because I prayed?

Dr Fauci tells me perhaps I cannot go to work until there are zero cases of COVID-19 and there is a vaccine, and that I take that vaccine.  How long could that be?  What kind of vaccine?  What if I have immunity already from having the virus?

there are approximately 7000 people that die everyday in the US.   They are telling me of that number there are 1,400 COVID-19 related deaths.  That is less than the usual number of elderly people that die, which I expect to be an upper bound – because beyond that number it would have to be a real pandemic.



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