Globalist Outband

Globalist Outband

We have all heard by now, of operations in various countries carried out by private parties: conspirators who affect how a population thinks by causing incidents.  Fake school shootings are in that category.  Arranged on an island somewhere, they plan out an operation, possibly using people from various countries, to have a particular impact on a country.  The US is targeted because it singularly has an open weapons principle in its Constitution and this irks socialist/communist types who could get shot messing around.  It is hard to topple a government if people all can carry weapons.

This bothers me.  This is extralegal.  It is a con.  Any group who aim is to fool the people of the nation, planting disinformation for their own purposes in an outlaw band in my book.  If as a nation we wish to change our laws that is up to us.  We do not need people in the country acting as actors, misleading us as to their intent like our media do.  Although they might get away with these operations – like 9/11, or school shootings, and some actions can be tolerated that come externally from our own leadership, obviously some lies being spread about can be pernicious, or serve an external cause to our detriment.  We wanted to attack Iraq, right?  Or did Israel do this, and our leaders simply did not call them out for their actions?  The relationship P TRump has with Vladimir Putin is another fake portrayal.

What if a group of businessmen and outbanded politicians decided to have a death harvest of the world’s elderly?  What if they used antifa to spread the virus around?  They have gotten away with everything they have done so far.  I would presume their actions will just keep getting bolder.  In the past outbands were penetrated, and if they were operating within our country without the consent of our national leaders, they were taken out.  You need to do this to maintain control of your own country.  Chinese 5G is an example of infiltration and spying on us from abroad, feeding the info to other people with similar political goals and interests.

If some group planned and carried out the Corona Virus deployment for the sake of their own social agenda, would you consider them to be criminals?  an pernicious alien faction, or just some guys with their own concept of friendly equality?

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