Mass Shootings!

Mass Shootings!

210 people shot and killed in mass shootings for 2019! What to make of this?

Well for one, this is a rather small number, and this is because it is rare that a mass shooting occurs. If you consider most of these are fake events, there are probably more people that die from asphyxiation than die in mass shootings. This is clearly hype. If people have an AK-47 obviously they are not using them, but perhaps keeping them in reserve. For what? Probably to protect themselves from an Antifa mob. Preparing for its use is also fun although expensive. Almost everyone tries to cut a tree in half, but it takes a lot of shooting usually.

Approx. 10,000 people are dying from homicidal shootings, using mostly handguns. Although this number is high compared to other formerly advanced countries, it is still low compared to countries with uncivilized people under severe distress (5X rate per capita).

The US of course is singular in its affinity for guns. Almost 2/3rds of the populace have a gun, and the argument to be made is that is prevents more crime than anything. In the US if you thinking of committing a crime, you know there is a much higher chance you will confront a gun.

What started as a right to self defense in a wild country, has evolved into a country that can maintain its sovereignty because of guns. Guns have permitted a higher level of social instability, and this has allowed more social freedom than in other places for good and ill.

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