Respirators and Masks, Oh My!

Respirators and Masks, Oh My!

It is nice to see the pillow guy make N95 masks.  He has the materials for making pillows ahead of time.  Too bad he didn’t know about a potential shortage back in January. Respirators are devices that help a patient breathe.  It is a hose, with a facemask, connected to a pumping device.  I a not sure how Elon Musk did it, but apparently he just happened to have these items on hand- probably to breathe on his spaceship or something like that.  Serendipity comes to the rescue for a 1 shot run.

SO doesn’t this scare you?  The slow lumbering ability to produce items like N95 masks, and these respirators are almost beyond our ability to make.   IF this is so, how is our military doing?   Are they waiting on parts that might arrive in a month or two?  The idea of using foreigners in our military could be bad- say they break a computer component that China makes, and that China halts production.  IT could be a recipe for disaster.

Perhaps the disregard for our incapacity and responsiveness, is the result of our nation losing its righteousness.  This theme has been appearing in one guise or another recently.  The reason soldiers think God would treat US citizens like hostile aliens, is a consequence of the perception that America no longer has an edge, is no longer special, and therefore deserves no great concern or defense.   We lost our formal rectitude, and now smoke roaches in old faded jeans.

You wonder about Easter Island and what happened there.  As Ann Barnhardt stated: “Money is a proxy for man’s ability to reason, labor, create, and produce.”  What happens if there is a lot of money but there is difficulty in producing N95 filter masks?


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